Oral Literature

A new electronic journal which will be published soon by the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Universidad de Chile: Oral Literature. Linguists, anthropologists, folklorists, ethnographer, and related researchers are cordially invited to contribute. We prefer texts in the original (native) language with English or Spanish translations. A four-stage presentation would be preferable, since it favors further analysis (1. original text with phonemic or orthographic transcription; 2. translation of each lexical item; 2. source language word order translation; 4. free translation). Image files should be in the following formats: PCX, TIFF, GIF, JPG; sound files: WAV, AU; text files: RTF, ASCII, WP 6.0 6.1 for Windows, Word 6.0 7.0 for Windows, Word for Mac, HTML.

For further information, contact Prof. Oscar Aguilera

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