Reipurth 50: The Bipolar Outflow

This is a contour map of the bipolar outflow from Re 50.

You may also see images at other wavelengths by clicking on the colorbar at a point above any of the dashed arrows (which point to other regions of the spectrum at which images are available). The solid arrow shows the spectral region you are seeing now. This is not intended to be a linear scale in wavelength, but only a rough guide to the wavelength of the observation.

Reipurth 50

This object was discovered by Reipurth (1985) in his survey of Nebulous objects in the Orion region. It was first discussed by Reipurth & Bally (1986) as the source of a powerful molecular outflow whose associated reflection nebulosity has only recently appeared in the blue lobe of the outflow. Polarization studies (Scarrott & Wolstencroft 1988) and near infrared imaging (Casali 1991) have demonstrated that the nebula is illuminated by the IRAS source. Recent longslit spectroscopic work (Strom & Strom 1993) has demonstrated that Re 50 is probably a heavily embedded FU Ori object (Hartmann, Kenyon & Hartigan 1993) currently in outburst.

These observations of the bipolar molecular outflow were obtained at the Five College Radio Observatory by Morgan, Schloeb. Snell & Bally (1991). The solid contours show the emission from the lobe of the outflow that is approaching us (blue shifted). The dashed contours show the lobe of the outflow that is receding from us (red shifted). These profiles of the molecular line emission seen toward this object show the emission from the outflowing gas (shaded area) superposed on the emission from the body of the molecular cloud.

The scattered light that we see at 2µm and shorter wavelengths is all seen inside the blue lobe where the outflow has broken through the front side of the cloud and allowed light to escape in our direction.

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