Valley of Fire State Park: Rules & Regulations

The desert is extremely fragile! Thoughtless motorists and others who have abused the area in the past have left scars. It will take centuries for nature to restore this desert area to its original condition. To protect the desert and ensure the safety of others, we have the following rules:

  1. Drive your vehicle only on approved routes of travel (see map). and park only in designated places along the roadside shoulders. Motor vehicles are not allowed on trails.
  2. Camp only in designated campground sites.
  3. Fires permitted only in designated grills and fireplaces.
  4. All plants, animals, rock and mineral materials in the park are protected by state law. Please do not remove or disturb any rocks, petrified wood, or other natural deposits.
  5. Pets are welcome, but they must be kept on a leash of not more than six feet in length. They are not allowed in the visitor center.
  6. All artifacts and other signs of Indian civilization are protected by state and federal law.
  7. Please conserve the water provided for your convenience.
  8. Please be careful with your litter. Use the trash containers provided.

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Valley of Fire State Park

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