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Working Together: Hopi Oral History and Archaeology
Part I: The Consultation Process by T. J. Ferguson, Kurt Dongoske, Mike Yeatts, and Leigh Jenkins
Part II: The Role of Archaeology by T. J. Ferguson, Kurt Dongoske, Mike Yeatts, and Leigh Jenkins
Cisco's Ko'an Educating Archaeologists about Indigenous Peoples' Self-Determination in the Land Use Planning Process for Cultural Resources by John Allison
Native American Oral Traditions and Archaeology by Roger Anyon, T.J. Ferguson, Loretta Jackson, and Lillie Lane
Working Together on the Border by Randall H. McGuire
Exchanges -- Interamerican Dialogue
Peruvian Archaeology: Crisis or Development? by Luis Jaime Castillo Butters and Elias Mujica Barreda
Between Crisis and Hope: Archaeology in Ecuador by Ernesto Salazar
Point-CounterPoint: Archaeology in Ecuador
Archaeology in the Guianas by Denis Williams
Archaeology of the Desaparecidos by Christina Bellelli and Jeffrey Tobin [A different kind of Exchange]
Point - Counterpoint
Historic Preservation and Native American Sites
Committee on Native American Relations by Joe Watkins
Finding Creative Solutions for Restructuring American Archaeology: A Summary by Catherine M. Cameron and Roger Anyon
Letter from Kurt E. Dongoske, Tribal Archaeologist, Cultural Preservation Office, The Hopi Tribe on the working relationship between Archaeologists and Native Americans
Letter from Lynne Sebastian on the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office
Letter from João Zilháo on efforts to save the Paleolithic rock art in the Coa Valley, Portugal
A Victory for Rock Art in Portugal João Zilháo
Letter from Steven R. Simms on issues of being "politically correct"
SAA Announces Committee on theAmericas by Robert D. Drennan
Archaeological Research and Community Participation by Charles Stanish and Chapurukha M. Kusimba
Archaeology and MulticulturalismSociety for American Archaeology Public Education, Volume 5, No. 3, Spring/Summer 1995
The California Historic Resources On-line Information Center Locational Environment
Index of Archaeology articles from the High Country News
A GIS Map of Europe at 10,000 B.P.
The World Wide Web Virtual Library of Anthropology

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