Readings on Archaeology & Anthropology

In this section we will give references to readings on the history of the disciplines of archaeology and anthropology and also to writings that illuminate the thinking of the country during the time when these disciplines were being developed. As an example, here we give a short quote from the article The Wild Indian by George Bird Grinnell, found below.

If after a long period the Indian problem remains a problem still, it is because we have no sufficient knowledge of the people we are striving to teach. The solution of the problem is not to be reached until the stronger race shall understand the weaker, and, in the light of that understanding, shall deal with it wisely and well.
George Bird Grinnell
The Wild Indian
Atlantic Monthly, Volume 83, pp. 20-29, 1899.

Selections from work in progress that speaks from years with the Zunis in New Mexico by Dennis Tedlock, SUNY Buffalo.
Course Syllabi by Dennis Tedlock
Aboriginal America by Jacob Abbott
New York: Sheldon & Company. Boston: Gould & Lincoln.. New York; Boston, 1860 American History, Vol. I.
Notes Among the Indians, Vincent Colyer
I. Putnam's 21 (n.s. 4) (Sept. 1869): 367-374. and II. Putnam's 22 (n.s. 4) (Oct. 1869): 474-480.
Ancient Mining on the Shores of Lake Superior, Albert D. Hagar
Atlantic Monthly, 15 (Mar. 1865): 308-315.
The New Indian Messiah, Marion P. Maus
Harper's Weekly, 34 (6 Dec 1890): 947.
The Indian on the Reservation by George Bird Grinnell
Atlantic Monthly, Volume 83, pp. 255-267, 1899
The Wild Indian by George Bird Grinnell
Atlantic Monthly, Volume 83, pp. 20-29, 1899
The North American Indian - The Disappearance of the Race a Popular Fallacy
by J. Worden Pope, U. S. Army
Arena Publishing Co., Boston, MA, November, 1896.
The Sun-Dance of the Sioux. by Frederick Schwatka
Century Magazine, 39 (1889-1890): 753-759.
The Pueblo of Acoma by Clarence Pullen
Harper's Weekly 34, 2 August 1890: 594-595
The Navajo Indians by William M. Edwardy
Harper's Weekly 34, 5 July 1890: 530.
An Interesting Representative of a Vanishing Race by B. O. Flower
The Arena 16, July, 1896
Life at an Indian Agency by Rufus F. Zogbaum
Harper's Weekly, Jan. 1890 Volume 34, New York

Books Available for Purchase

The Ethics of Collecting Cultural Property: Whose Culture? Whose Property?
ed. Phyllis Mauch Messenger, Univ. New Mexico Pr.
The Smithsonian and the American Indian: Making a Moral Anthropology in Victorian America,
Curtis M. Hinsley, Smithsonian Inst. Pr.
Previous title: Savages and the Smithsonian
Exhibiting Cultures: The Poetics and Politics of Museum Display,
Ivan Karp, Steven D. Lavine (Editors), Smithsonian Inst. Pr.
Borrowed Power: Essays on Cultural Appropiration, Bruce H. Ziff, Pratima V. Rao (Editors), Rutgers Univ. Pr.
Museum Governance: Mission Ethics Policy, Marie C. Malaro, Smithsonian Inst. Pr.
Partial Recall, ed. Lucy R. Lippard, New Press.
Excavating Voices: Listening to Photographs of Native Americans,
Michael Katakis (Editor), Univ. of Pennsylvania Museum Pr.
Critical Anthropology Now: Unexpected Contexts, Shifting Constituencies, Changing Agendas,
George E. Marcus (Editor), School of American Research Pr.
Ethnography Through Thick and Thin, George E. Marcus, Princeton Univ. Pr.
Indians and Anthropologists: Vine Deloria, Jr., and the Critique of Anthropology,
Thomas Biolsi, Larry J. Zimmerman (Editors), Univ. Arizona Pr.
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