New Age (and Other) Ripoff Sites

It serves little or no purpose to list all the "New Age" sites here. However, there are some sites that are clearly using Native American imagery and "noble savage" stereotypes for their own profit. We will try to list the worst of these here. We also add the occasional site that would like to claim indigenous status in order to gain other benefits (or rip you off).

For other lists of these sites, see:

New Age Frauds & Plastic Shamans
Don't Pay to Pray
Plastic Shaman Busters
Mike Wick's Wall of Shame

Ancient Futures, where they have all the Hot Button words,
Elders Lodge, Wisdom Keepers Lodge, and all they want is your Americash.And:
you can win a free medicine pouch by just signing their guestbook!
"A powerful new site full of intriguing answers to life's questions."
Beware the Wolf Lodge!
See the comments at Mike Two Horse's history of Robert Ghostwolf.
Brooke Medicine Eagle, Earth wisdom teacher and catalyst for wholeness
AKA Brookie Craig, Brooke Schiavi, Brookie Mae Miller, among 10's of other aliases.
Nizhoni is a sacred Navajo word describing "the beauty way."
Nizhoni offers a new form of education that allows people from around the world to discover their inner wisdom and bring it forth to teach, heal and lead.    and:
Nizhoni has also a Summer School and a Soccer Camp!
E. Barrie Kavasch's Healing Arts, Native American herbalism and spirituality
Sacred Spirits from Virgin Records and Klaus Zundel
From the album "info": Though redolent of such diverse musical influences as ambient, world music, new age and dance music, each instrumental arrangement on Sacred Spirits is intended to serve as a reverent backdrop for the powerful vocals that lie at the album's core. "The emphasis was always to find vocals that carried the deepest feelings and emotions," says producer Klaus Zundel. "I hoped that when they were combined with the music, it could almost be a soundtrack for the solemn and sacred history of these people."
Sedona's Crossing Worlds Journeys and Retreats
Inspiring, Insightful, Personal Experiences of Sedona, Arizona, the Ancient Southwest & your inner vision. Earth Medicine Vision Quest Retreat in Canyon de Chelly and Hopi. Soul Journey Retreats - The Turning of the Ages is now--we are each being called to be more than we know we are; to become our own shaman-healer. Etc.
David Silver Bear gives a great Medicine Wheel Massage
Designed by the combined efforts of a Network Chiropractor, Yoga Master, and myself
Speaking Wind Bids You Welcome to Red Path Teachings
Peruvian Whistling Vessels
AvatarSearch, Search Engine for the Occult Internet (featuring Native American resources.
The Yunsai Society
Remnant Nation of Indigenous Tribal Peoples
"KIVA", Performed and Created by Steve Roach, Michael Stearns and Ron Sunsinger
Jumping Mouse: A Story About Inner Trust by Mary Elizabeth Marlow
The Pelli-People
Kokopelli as a modern pop-cultural figure! (golfer, biker, skateboarder, skier, cowboy, scubadiver, etc.)
Mystical Journeys, First Class tours to Peru,
One of the Most Powerful Places On Earth, "Discovering Your Personal Insights" at Machu Picchu
Two stories from the NewHeavenNewEarth server (where else but in Sedona):
The Hopping Stone Vision
"Deep in the southwest deserts, an old medicine man and young brave stand atop a great plateau. Together they silently survey all the earth."
The Vision of Twelve Stones
On one seemingly inaccessible cliff we see a fire burning and notice two Native American figures--an old Medicine Man and a young brave--sitting silently around it. Slowly, we circle them and study their faces in the flickering darkness. Lost in some deep reverie, we realize they are watching the same vision we are watching.

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