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The Cartoon archive on the "American Indian" Sports Team Mascots website
Stereotypes of the Month contest from the Blue Corn Comics website
Turtle Island Worm Band, "A spiritual community based on the traditional values of the Native American"
Leanin Tree Cards Native American selections
Although general bad taste seems to be the byword here, with the Native American material getting the best of the deal, being merely sloppily sentimental.
Red Indian Wood Carvings

YMCA Arapahoe Nation
See also:The Yahoo listings for these groups
Public outcry was needed: Lacrosse initiation rite was wrong
Minnesota Judge Recommends Revocation of "Crazy Horse Malt Liquor" Label
Prompt Trial On Merits" Ordered in Crazy Horse Malt Liquor Case
A Bill Introduced in the California Assembly: Alcoholic beverages: labels: Crazy Horse
Radioactive Redskins Pontiac Club
Dr. Martens Footwear has a color called Aztec Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse Online Casino
Crazy Horse Campgrounds
Native American Tarot Cards and
Medicine Cards
Buy a Cigar Store Indian from the Adobe Trading Post in New Mexico.
or from Tumahawk, where even the HTML is bad!
or have one carved to order! from Wood Carvings by Hannah.
And from recording companies:
One Little Indian's Totem Pole site
See especially the history of One Little Indian.
The Cigar Store Indians
Red Indian Productions
"E S S I A C", The "Shamans Gold" Story

The Mic-O-Say Tribe,
An organization of superannuated Boy Scouts whose ranks include Chieftains, Sachems, Shamen, Keepers of the Sacred Bundle, Runners, Tom-Tom Beaters, Firebuilders, Warriors & Braves.

Sports Mascots

In Whose Honor?, American Indian Mascots in Sports
A documentary film by Jay Rosenstein
Racist Mascot The Cleveland Indians
Hatemail from a Cleveland Indians fan!
Racist symbol The Atlanta Braves
The Kansas City Chiefs
The Washington Redskins

Native Response to Their Stereotypes

Prompt Trial On Merits" Ordered in Crazy Horse Malt Liquor Case
Native Opinions on Pocahontas (the Disney movie)

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