winds of change


Mike Austin

winds of change blowing upon us
across the lies
with a smell of upheaval
sweeping over all is well
and business as usual
while a suicide warrior
puts his weapon upon the innocent
in its path

the wandering sands
cover a twitching child's arm
laying disembodied in a pool of blood
drying in the desert sun

overhead a formation of ac-130s
pass by

while the empire celebrates its new mythologies forming
on the waving of its flags
over the victims
of the towers of babylon
in commemoration
of a war that is only just beginning
in its breathtaking ignorance
steeped in fear
of the forces against the imperial arrogance
held high with its own manifest betrayals
in a frenzied frontier belief
with god almighty inside the wagon circle
while the savages are being restless once again

out there

tumbleweed rolls across the plains
as thunder rumbles and lightning flashes
from the distance

coming in on the dust
driven by the winds of change

© 2004 Mike Austin

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