Selections from Reviews of Robert Conley's Books


Robert J. Conley is " . . . in the ranks of N. Scott Momaday, Louise Erdrich, James Welch or W. P. Kinsella as interpreters of the many facets of the Native American experience."

Joseph C. Porter The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"Robert Conley adds another dimension to Western literature with Nickajack. The Cherokee Nation was never more vividly brought to life than in this outstanding novel."

Jory Sherman, author of The Medicine Horn

"Robert J. Conley is a poet, short story writer, novelist and screenplay writer who happens to be, as I have written elsewhere, the most important and promising of contemporary Cherokee writers-- in fact, the most 'Cherokee' of all the nearly dozen or so authors of Cherokee blood scattered across the country, from Oklahoma to Washington state, from North Carolina and around and back to Oklahoma again."

Geary Hobson
Editor of The Remembered Earth

"There is a movement among contemporary Cherokee writers to produce more indigenous literature. Robert Conley is a leader of that movement."

Wilma P. Mankiller
Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation

" . . . Conley invokes the Cherokee sensibility to tell of modern Indians coping with the reality of mysterious animals and spirits that often have evil intentions. A fascinating and different reading experience."

W.P. Kinsella
The Vancouver Sun

"The Witch of Goingsnake and Other Stories is recommended reading, not only for the book's insightful quality, but for Conley's ability to entertain the reader from a Native American perspective. In these times, such a publication is a rare avis in terris."

Gabriel Horn
Tampa, FL, Tribune and Times

"Powerful, often dealing with cruel events, yet imbued with a mystical aura, [Conley's] stories reflect the range of Cherokee culture and the difference among the full and mixed-blood inheritors.

Publisher's Weekly

" . . . Conley speaks with a clear Cherokee Indian voice to show how his tribe's cultural characteristics have survived centuries of abrupt change and to give readers an understanding of the fullness and humanity of the Cherokees as a people."

The Cherokee Advocate

"The 'Goingsnake' anthology sings long lasting songs and leaves tracks deep as dinosaurs. Besides that--it is just plumb fun to read."

Max Evans
author of The Pounders

"Robert Conley's Mountain Windsong deserves to become an American classic. Conley takes the grim facts of our `Manifest Destiny' and makes them come alive in a novel which is beautiful and heartwarming as well as tragic.

"Read Mountain Windsong! You won't forget it."

Tony Hillerman
author of Coyote Waits

"At last a Cherokee love story about two ordinary people caught up in an extraordinary period of time. In telling the love story of Oconeechee, Bob Conley takes the reader on a journey that allows one to feel the effects of the Trail of Tears on individual people and their families while weaving in solid historical information about all the external forces which forever changed the Cherokee Nation. Mountain Windsong evokes deep feelings and thoughtful reflection. It is a poignant story, powerful and disturbing."

Wilma P. Mankiller
Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation

"Mountain Windsong is a masterpiece. It is the most honest, deeply felt book of the American Indian I have ever read. It is full--no, it's more--it is blessed with heart-tearing savagery, and a love story that reaches into your every fiber and your soul."

Max Evans
author of The Pounders

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