Elizabeth Cook-Lynn's Journal Publications

Journal Publications

Profile: Asa Primeaux, Sr.,
Wicazo Sa Review, 1, 2-4, 1985 Spring.

Survival in Hexasyllables,
Wicazo Sa Review, 1, 49-52, 1985 Spring.

The Rise of the Academic 'Chiefs',
Wicazo Sa Review, 2, 38-40, 1986 Spring.

A Case Study: The Black Hills Issue: A Call for Reform,
Wicazo Sa Review, 4, 1-2, 1988 Spring.

In the American Imagination, the Land and Its Original Inhabitants: An Indian Viewpoint,
Wicazo Sa Review, 4, 42-47, 1990 Fall.

Introduction to A Monograph of a Peyote Singer,
Wicazo Sa Review, 7, 1-15, 1991 Spring.

The Radical Conscience in Native American Studies,
Wicazo Sa Review, 7, 9-13, 1991 Fall.

Elan (Poem for the Young Men Who Are the Big Foot Memorial Riders fd 1990),
Wicazo Sa Review, 7, 3, 1991 Fall.

Politics and the Native American Novel,
Wicazo Sa Review, 7, 78-80, 1991 Fall.

Meeting of Indian Professors Takes Up Issues of "Ethnic Fraud," Sovereignty, and Research Needs,
Wicazo Sa Review, 9, 1993 Spring.

Speech: Who Gets to Tell the Stories?,
Wicazo Sa Review, 9, 1993 Spring.

Deer at the Keshera Amphitheatre, 1993,
Wicazo Sa Review, 9, 25, 1993 Fall.

Some Thoughts about Biography,
Wicazo Sa Review, 10, 73-74, 1994 Spring.

A Few More River Poems: Deluge, The Cove, The Bleak Truth, They Seemed, City Games of life and Death, Going Home,
Woyake Kinikiya, 1, 8-13, 1994 Summer.

The American Indian Fiction Writer: 'Cosmopolitanism, Nationalism, the Third World, and First Nation Sovereignty',
Wicazo Sa Review, 9, 26-36, 1993 Fall.

Literary and Political Questions of Transformation: American Indian Fiction Writers,
Wicazo Sa Review, 11,46-51, 1995 Spring.

America's Iraq Attack and "Back to the Indian Wars"!!
Wicazo Sa Review, 11, 1995 Spring.

A `Desecration Tour' Now Awaits Travelers Who Visit the Sacred Black Hills,
Indian Country Today, 18-25 November 1996, p. A7.

American Indian Intellectualism and the New Indian Story,
The American Indian Quarterly, 20, 1, Winter 1996.

Who Stole Native American Studies?,
Wicazo Sa Review, 12, 1997 Spring.

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