Strange Blood


kateri akiwenzie-damm

  the women are quiet
  it is as though woman's voice went with you to the spirit world
and i am hungry for the sound in my ears
  there is no one to talk to
    the village is filled with strange noises
    and a silence that frightens me
  i am lost     and although I can see the stars on clear nights
    there is no one to explain their directions
    so I wander still
    i hear voices but no one talks to me
    i am lost but no one looks for me
i am bleeding
but no one helps me
  there are voices   screaming
  and blood
    a tree that is a man           screaming
  and blood
  nights i can't remember         stars in my head         screaming
  and blood

From bloodriver woman, Absinthe.

© 1999 kateri akiwenzie-damm

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