joseph a. dandurand

a kiss, a hug, a whisper.

this to me is love. nothing is ugly. every dream is of
beauty and destiny.
every dream but my own. why? why? do not know the

my journey ends on this island. I could go back to the
city and try to live the life of a drunken poet. I could
but I won't. there are no real spirits in the city. you
leave them in the suburbs. you leave them on islands
such as this one.

I came here to die, to love, both seem too close to
choose right now.

love. a kiss. a hug. warmth. passion. breathing. two
hearts. two humans discover each other on this island.
they are discovered and told to leave.
they go outside and together they begin a new

a kiss, a hug, love, two hearts, nothing else.

From looking into the eyes of my forgotten dreams, Kegedonce Press.
© 2000 Joseph A. Dandurand. Ordering information.

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