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Carolyn Dunn, BA, MA, is a wife, mother, daughter, journalist, teacher, poet, fiction writer, and catechist born in Southern California. Her work has appeared in the anthologies The Color of Resistance (1994), Reinventing the Enemy's Language (1997), and Through the Eye of the Deer (1999), The Green Man: Tales From The Mythic Forest (2002) and Kenneth Lincoln's Sing With the Heart of A Bear: Fusions of Native and American Poetry The author of many articles that have appeared in journals in the US, Canada and Germany, she is the co-editor (with Carol Comfort) of Through the Eye of the Deer (1999) and Hozho: Walking in Beauty (with Paula Gunn Allen), and the author of two books of poetry, Outfoxing Coyote(2001) and Hidden Creek Journal (2000). She is also a former radio producer and host whose work appeared on National Native News and does voice-overs for film and television. Currently, she is co-host of American Indian Airwaves (Coyote Radio) for KPFK-FM in Los Angeles

Carolyn has taught at Humboldt State University, Four Winds Indian School in Chico, California, and California Polytechnic State University, Pomona. She is the founding director (with Tina Toledo Rizzo) of the American Indian Theatre Collective. Currently pursuing a PhD from USC where she is an Irvine Fellow, she is a member of the all woman Native drum group The Mankillers, whose cd's All Woman Northern Drum (1997) and Comin to Getcha! (1999) were released on Without Rez Records, and the indigenous rock band Red Hawk. In 2002, the group released a third cd, Killing You Softly, on their own label, MK Records.

In addition to her academic work, Carolyn also sits on the board of directors for Red Nation Celebration a California non-profit organization that produces media events, such as Red Nation Celebration, that raise money and awareness for American Indian issues and concerns surrounding children and elders across Native America. Carolyn also serves on the Advisory Board of the Interstitial Arts Foundation a group of artists and writers celebrating genre crossing borders in literature and art.

She lives with her husband, James Anderson (Choctaw) and their children in Southern California.

Writing available online

Columbus' Footprints
Deer Hunter
Ghost Dance
Turquoise Woman
Coyote and Pele from The Endicott Studio
Outfoxing Coyote from The Endicott Studio
Coyote Tears from The Endicott Studio
Deer Woman from The Endicott Studio
Charm Song for Hunting a Deer from The Endicott Studio
Carolyn's contributions to Vol. 8 of The Other Voices International Project


Carolyn was recently named 2002 Wordcraft Circle Writer of the Year in Creative Writing: Poetry for Outfoxing Coyote, and 2002 Wordcraft Circle Publisher of the Year in Small Press for That Painted Horse Press.

Books by Carolyn Dunn       icon

Coyote Speaks, Abrams, 2007.
Echo Location, That Painted Horse Press, 2006.
Hidden Creek Journal, Coyotesse Books.
Outfoxing Coyote, That Painted Horse Press, 2001.
Hozho: Walking In Beauty, co-editor (with Paula Gunn Allen),
Contemporary Books/McGraw-Hill, 2001
Through the Eye of the Deer, co-editor (with Carol Zitzer-Comfort),
Aunt Lute Books, 1999.

Anthologies Containing Carolyn's Writing       icon

Cultural Representation and Contestation in Native America,
Andrew Jolivette (editor), AltaMira Press, 2006
Eating Fire, Tasting Blood: Breaking the Great Silence of the American Indian Holocaust,
MariJo Moore (Editor), Thunder's Mouth Pr., 2006.
Unnatural Disaster: Reflections and Prospects,
John Brown Childs (Editor), The New Pacific Press, 2006
Reading Native American Women: Critical/Creative Representations,
Ines Hernandez-Avila (Editor), Altamira Pr.
Green Man, Tales from the Mythic Forest, Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow(Editors).
Spirit Songs, Lee Francis (Editor).
Hozho: Walking In Beauty, co-editor (with Paula Gunn Allen),
Contemporary Books/McGraw-Hill, 2001
Through the Eye of the Deer, co-editor (with Carol Zitzer-Comfort),
Aunt Lute Books, 1999.
Reinventing the Enemy's Language : Contemporary Native Women's Writing of North America
(Editors Joy Harjo and Gloria Bird), W.W. Norton.
Sing With the Heart of A Bear: Fusions of Native and American Poetry,
Kenneth Lincoln (Editor), Univ. California Press.
The Colour of Resistance, Connie Fife (Editor), Sister Vision Press,

Journal Articles and Other Publications by Carolyn

"In the Presence of Spirits: Native Women Poets Speak",
in Oxford Companion to Women's Literature in the United States, Cathy N. Davidson, Linda Wagner-Martin Editors), Oxford Univ. Press.
"Healing Voices: A Native Women's Symposium", in News From Native California
"Columbus' Footprints: A Quintcentenarry Retrospective", in The Lumberjack, October 6, 1992
"Ancestral Voices", Affschanburg Post, Bad Kreisbacht, Germany, November 12, 1993
"In The Blood of Our Ancestors", in WESTOP News, January 1998.

Recordings by Carolyn

Killing You Softly..., Mankillers, Available throughgh the Mankillers website now..
Comin' to Getcha!, Mankillers, Without Rez Records.
Mankillers - All Woman Northern Drum, Without Rez Records.

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