by Eric Gansworth
And look here, you three
sisters grow together
each providing things
the others lack: support,
food, protection, and each
time you pull away from one
another, risking everything
you tear apart your world,
our world. Each time you offer
the line up, we will add one
purple bead to your white strand
reminding you of the ways
you put us all in danger
with each small tug
how you pull in opposition you
jerk on the string of beads
like seed in the wind
leaning in unforeseen directions
moment, hour, day, week, in another
place you land
and for what, to start over
reforming yourselves as
us in endless variation,
dark color, light color,
diluting your heritage
we disappear for that moment
then strengthen, regenerate ourselves
and embrace.

(This poem may be read both vertically and/or horizontally.)

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© 2005 Eric Gansworth

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