Twelve songs written in the enemy's language


Lance Henson

sun,with the great seeing eye
when you move westward today, over my wife and baby,
speak softly of seeing me
and my sickness for them and for home

anonymous prisoner
cheyenne,fort marion florida 1870

there is always someone missing
a horse wandering near a river
a grey egrets flying shadow

crossing over the water

it is here
the redbird hiding near fort robinson
where crazy horse stands in the shadows

it is here where it is done
the singing for life

without ears two coyotes hang upside down
on a fence near darlington agency

the veho world made this

they know nothing else

a faded remnant of red blanket
on a barbed wire fence near sand creek

it flutters in the prairie wind
for one hundred thirty two years


they walked into a north wind
bitten by despair and frozen rain

each of them

looking back

throwing their hearts toward us

it was a whiskey dream
the medicine was a scattered light
I could not reach you

you were standing all around

without a face

worn thin of dreams
the cold air arrives

we light the old fires

who will speak for us
cedar scent all around

little fingernail said it
now we remember

we remember

a bird has flown out of my eyes
its voice is made of the whirlwind
who can see the sound that follows them
can see forever
                          it is a good day to live

I burn this leaf shape
I burn this silver sage
I burn this red cedar

in a sacred way

the smoke is made of life

my medicine has grown strange and wild
let me pass

I am taking care of you                 dog soldier song

© 2000 Lance Henson

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