Janice Gould Conference Papers

"Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Minorities in Academia," (panel co-chair),
Ford Fellows Conference, Washington DC, October, 1997.
"'I am putting my mind to learn': Indian Boarding School Literacy and Literature, 1880-1929,"
Native American Literature Conference, Eugene, Oregon, May 1997.
"Stories We Have Never Even Whispered: Interweaving Voices as a Mixedblood Methodology,"
CCCC, Tucson, Arizona, March 1997.
"Convergencies/Divergencies: The Making of Worlds in American Indian Poetry," (panel chair)
Meeting of the Modern Language Association, Washington D.C., December 1996.
"Boarding School Literature: English usage by Children Who Attended Indian Boarding Schools, 1879-1927,"
Midwest Modern Language Assn., Minneapolis, November 1996.
"Letters Home: Transmitting and Transgressing the Dominant Culture in Writing by American Indian School Children,"
CCCC, Milwaukee, WI, March 1996.
"Native American Students and Freshman Composition, Parts I and II," (Co-Chair), CCCC, March 1996.
"American Indian Women's Poetry: Strategies of Rage and Hope,"
(used in the Signs Seminar), University of Minnesota, March 1995.
"American Indians and the English Composition Course," CCCC, Washington DC, March 1995.
"Constructed Image/Self-Image: My California Indian Heritage," Southwest Symposium,
University of New Mexico, April 1994.
"Walking the Walk, Talking the Talk: Resisting, Surviving and Getting On as An Academic Other,"
American Anthropology Association meeting, Washington DC, November l993.
"Notes on Multicultural Teaching," Rocky Mountain MLA, Denver, October 1993.
"Walking the Walk, Talking the Talk: Resisting, Surviving and Getting On as An Academic Other,"
Women's Caucus, Rocky Mountain MLA Conference, Denver, October 1993.
"Disobedience (in Language) in Texts by Lesbian Native Americans," Modern Language Association Conference,
New York, December 1992.
Workshop: "Engaging Students in Native American Literature," American Studies Association Convention,
Costa Mesa, California, November 1992 (panel respondent).
"The Subversive Language of the Tribal Mind," Out/Write Conference, Boston, March 1992 .
"A Maidu in the City of Gold: Thoughts on Censorship and American Indian Experience,"
Modern Language Association Conference, San Francisco, December 1991
"A Maidu in the City of Gold," PEN New Mexico Conference Santa Fe, February 1992
"A Maidu in the City of Gold," Southwest Symposium, University of New Mexico, April 1992
"Gay American Indian Writers," Out/Write Conference, San Francisco, March 1991. (panel chairperson).
"Issues of Race and Ethnicity in the Classroom," English Department, UC Berkeley, August 1990
"The Problem of Being 'Indian:' One Mixed-Blood's Dilemma," Philological Association of the Pacific,
November 1989.
"Mixed-Blood Blues: Breeds, Bloods, and White Women in American Indian Women's Literature,"
American Studies Association, October 1988 (won an Annette K. Baxter Travel Award for best student paper).
"How Deep the Woods Are: Problems of Return in Louise Erdrich's Poetry,"
Midwest Modern Language Association, November 1987
"How Deep the Woods Are: Problems of Return in Louise Erdrich's Poetry,"
Group on Colonialism, UC Berkeley, March 1987
"American Indian Women's Literature: Politics and Poetry in the University,"
National Women's Studies Association, June 1985.

Video Documentation

"Terminal Degrees," interviewed for KNME Television, Albuquerque, NM, 1994.
"Native American Speakers," Multicultural Reading series at the University of Arizona, July 1993.
"The Human Voice," Reading with Marie-Elise Wheatwind for Public Access Television, January 1993.
Interview with Gay American Indian writers at Out/Write Conference, Cathedral Hill Hotel,
San Francisco, March 1991.
Reading with Pat Smith and Luci Tapahonso, Salt of the Earth Books, August 1989.
"Women at Home in the World," poetry reading with Merle Woo, Nellie Wong, Marie-Elise Wheatwind.
Documented by Peace and Conflict Studies, UC Berkeley, November 1985.

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