Haiku Seasons

byKimberly Blaeser
I. Autumn
Hoof prints in soft clay
hollowed by fine deer potter
still holding the night rain.

Downy Woodpecker
sidles up shag bark hickory
tat-tatting for food.

Old country steeple
tombstones tumble down the hill
side with eternity.

II. Winter
Pine weighted with snow
one branch launches white burden
springs up down, waving.

Juncos line the branch
slash marks on the calendar
counting days till spring.

Yesterday's snowman
how soon weeping folds to earth
gravity of warmth.

III. Spring
Four fluffed doves
plump line on snowy branch
tin drip of spring thaw.

Language of droplets
ping ponging gutter downspouts
overheard spring nights.

On May's brown plowed earth
only swaying black neck stems
honking into dusk.

IV. Summer
Thumbnail size tree frogs
rise, scatter like popping corn
fill my morning walk.

Birch limbs over lake
leaves shimmer reflected light
turn green silver green.

Fat pile of puppies
tangled in afternoon sun
sleep until hungry.

V. Infinity
Many times I glimpse
feeding bird or clump of earth
one returns my look.

© 2001 Kimberly Blaeser.

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