Nyah Mary


Lee Francis

Many-Shawls Woman
        I see your vision
                roam celtic fields of heather
                        merge quietly into your dreams

Strong-Minded Woman
        I touch your spirit
                light sweet grass and candles
                        rest complacent behind your eyes

Beauty-Walk Woman
        I hear your breathing
                float on sage smoke and water
                        bask triumphal in your beauty

Bright-Minded Woman
        I taste your hopes
                hide among the memories
                        soar carefully into your heart

Show-Me State Woman
        I play your games
                dance with you at the powwow
                        sing silently within your soul

Kind-Hearted Woman
        I smell your essence
                sip roses and cinnamon
                        drift contented into morning

Nyah is the Keres (Laguna Pueblo) word for mother/grandmother.
Mary and Lee recently celebrated their 26th Wedding Anniversary.

© 1993 Lee Francis

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