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Tiffany Midge, of Hunkpapa Sioux and German ancestry, grew up in the Pacific Northwest. She is an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. She serves on the Board of Directors for Red Eagle Soaring (RES), the Native American outreach-theater company. She is also a poetry editor for the multicultural arts magazine The Raven Chronicles. Besides the publications listed in the Anthologies section below, she has also published her work in Cimarron Review, SAIL, Weber Studies Journal, Poetry Northwest, Seattle Arts, Northwest Ethnic News, and Cutbank 40, Crossing the Divide

Currently Tiffany lives in Seattle and is working on a novel and a second poetry collection.

Writing available online

A Girl Named Turquoise, Tiffany's blog
The Arachnid Letters
Grace Isn't Always a Woman
The Woman who Married a Bear and other poems in The Other Voices International Project
The Running Boy in Weber Studies
For The Lummi Girl Who Found Her Magic In Horses [from the Raven Chronicles website]
Identifying The Beast [from the Raven Chronicles website]
First Snow of '96 [from the Raven Chronicles website]
Hear Tiffany read her poem, "The Woman Who Married a Bear" [MP3]


Tiffany received the Diane Decorah Award for Poetry in 1994 from the Native Writers' Circle of the Americas.

Books by Tiffany Midge or containing her work       icon

Guiding the Stars to Their Campfire, Driving the Salmon to Their Beds, Gazoobi Tales.
To purchase this chapbook, contact Tiffany..
Outlaws, Renegades and Saints : Diary of a Mixed-Up Halfbreed, Greenfield Review Press.
Review of Outlaws, Renegades, and Saints by Mark Newman
Animal Lore and Legend : Buffalo, Scholastic Trade.

Anthologies       icon

Without Reservation: Indigenous Erotica, Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm (Editor),
Kegedonce Press.
Growing Up Ethnic in America, by Maria M. Gillan, Jennifer Gillan (Editors),
Viking Penguin, 1998.
Identity Lessons: Contemporary Writing About Learning to Be American, by Maria M. Gillan, Jennifer Gillan (Editors),
Viking Penguin, 1998.
A Shade of Spring (7th Generation Books), Florene Belmore (Editor), 1998.
The Poem and the World: The Seattle Sister Cities Poetry Anthologies, Volume 4, 1998.
Reinventing the Enemy's Language : Contemporary Native Women's Writing of North America
(Edited by Joy Harjo and Gloria Bird), W.W. Norton. (Hardcover)
the Indian Summer issue of phati'tude
Gatherings, Volume X, A Retrospective of the First Decade, Greg Young-Ing & Florene Belmore (Editors),
Penticton: Theytus Books
Durable Breath : Contemporary Native American Poetry, John E. Smelcer, D. L. Birchfield
(Editors), Salmon Run Pub.
Blue Dawn, Red Earth : New Native American Storytellers, by Clifford E. Trafzer
(Editor), Anchor Books
Gatherings VI : 'Metamorphosis' Manifesting and Respecting Diversity in Our Transformation,
Theytus Books.
Blue Mesa Review, Vol. 6, David Johnson (Editor), Univ of New Mexico Press.
Ergo! : The Bumbershoot 1994 Literary Magazine, Bumbershoot.

Interviews with or Critical Work on Tiffany Midge

The Nature of Native American Poetry, Norma C. Wilson, Univ. New Mexico Press.

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