The Storm

by Armand Garnet Ruffo
Sitting behind glass
I can see the sky stir
while over the radio comes a warning
to stay indoors: wind, rain and hail.

A black cloud temporarily blots out the sun.

Somewhere there is more power than I will ever
understand. The ability to create and destroy
in one final sweep. Call it God. Call it Nature.
Call it whatever you Believe. No matter
there it is, there in front of me, emptying the streets.

If I step out of this room and into the storm
Will I feel any closer to this suddenness?
Will l feel like my ancestors?
Will I simply be the modern stranger
confused, wet and alone?

I know that I do not speak the language of thunder
and the radio attempts to persuade me
against making any unnecessary moves.
Yet move I must from deep in the city
out the front door. To get my head soaked and filled
until I am inside the storm.

From Opening in the Sky, Theytus Books.

© 1994 Armand Garnet Ruffo

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