The Library of Lost Souls

byEdgar Gabriel Silex
it's the place where dreams are kept
and your life is a book

you've been looking for
and you find it on a dusty shelf

but never seem to have enough time
to finish reading the story

you know well what's written there
it's an old tale you overheard

recited in another dream
as if it wasn't you who it spoke of

though you recognized the details
of your life as you turn the pages

you keep seeing the face of someone
you've often passed by in other dreams

a face whose instant recognition dreamports you
back to a childhood memory

where you are ashamed
because you lost something important

an object a message some thing
meant never to be forgotten

and you have been hunting for it
ever since in book-filled rooms

where bindings lack titles or names
where your story remains entombed

and where tonight you may find it again
only to lose it as you awake

From Acts of Love by Edgar Gabriel Silex,
Curbstone Press. © 2004 Edgar Gabriel Silex

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