Gerald Vizenor's Publications in Journals

Authored Animals: Creature Tropes in Native American Fiction, literary essay, in
Social Research, New School for Social Research, 1995.
Native American Indian Identities: Autoinscriptions and the Cultures of Names, an essay in
Genre: Forms of Discourse and Culture, a special issue edited by Gerald Vizenor and Alan Velie, Volume 24, Number 4, 1994. Republished in Native American Perspectives on Literature and History, edited by Alan Velie, University of Oklahoma Press, 1995.
Gerald Vizenor, notebook pages and commentary, Zyzzyva, Winter 1992.
Republished in Writer's Notebook, edited by Howard Junker, Harper Collins, 1995.
Oshkiwiinag: Heartlines on the Trickster Express, short story, in
Religion and Literature, The University of Notre Dame, Spring 1994. Reprinted as "Heartlines" in Native American Literature, An Anthology, HarperCollins College Publishers, 1995.
Monte Cassino Curiosa: Heart Dancers at the Headwaters, short story in
Caliban 14, 1994. Reprinted in Re/mapping the Occident, University of California, Berkeley, 1995.
Excerpt from The Heirs of Columbus in
Painbrush: A Journal of Contemporary Multicultural Literature, special issue on the novelist N. Scott Momaday, Autumn 1994.
Trickster Photography: Simulations in the Ethnographic Present, creative essay, in
Exposure, Society for Photographic Education, Fall 1993.
The Envoy to Haiku, autobiographical essay in the
Chicago Review, special issue, "North Pacific Rim Reader," Volume 39, Number 3, 4, 1993.
The Tragic Wisdom of Salamanders, in Caliban 12, 1993.
Shorter version published in The Bear Essentials, Portland, Oregon, Summer 1994. Republished in Sacred Trusts : Essays on Stewardship and Responsibility, by Michael Katakis, Russell Chatham (Illustrator), Mercury House.
Krahen auf die Pappeln geschrieben, autobiographical essay, translated by Mabel Lesch in
Chelsea Hotel, Volume 3, 1993.
Head Water: An Interview with Gerald Vizenor, a literary interview by Larry McCaffery
and Tom Marshall, in Chicago Review, Volume 39, Numbers 3, 4, 1993.
Our Land: Anishinaabe, haiku poems by Gerald Vizenor, photographs by Bjørn Sletto,
Native Peoples magazine, Spring 1993.
Harold of Orange, a screenplay, and I Defy Analysis,
an interview by Rodney Simard, in Studies in American Indian Literatures, Fall 1993.
Santa Maria Casino, dramatic script of a one act play,
in the Berkeley Fiction Review, Number 13, 1993.
Naming of Ishi Court, an essay on the ceremony and naming of Ishi Court
at the University of California, Berkeley, in Notes From Native California, Summer 1993.
Gambling on Sovereignty, an editorial essay on the state of reservation casinos,
in The Japan Weekly, August 14, 1993. This essay was first published in American Indian Quarterly, Summer 1992.
Reversal of Fortunes: Tribalism in the Nick of Time, creative essay, in
Caliban 13, 1993.
Manifest Manners: The Long Gaze of Christopher Columbus, an essay in
Boundary 2, a special issue edited by Karl Kroeber, Duke University Press, 1993. A similar essay was published in Gone to Groatan, Autonomedia, New York, 1993.
Wortlichtspiele, scenes from Harold of Orange, the sceenplay,
translated into German, Chelsea Hotel, a magazine for the arts, Eggingen, Germany, Volume 2, 1992.
Sturmpuppen, the chapter Storm Puppets, from The Heirs of Columbus,
translated into German, Chelsea Hotel, a magazine for the arts, Eggingen, Germany, Volume 1, 1992.
Native American Indian Literature: Critical Metaphors of the Ghost Dance, lead essay in
World Literature Today, Spring 1992.
Bone Courts: The Natural Rights of Tribal Remains, revised and expanded essay on reburial
in The Interrupted Life, The Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, 1991.
Café Réserve ou les origins du café instanté, translated by Manuel Van Thienen,
Reservation Cafe: The Origins of American Indian Instant Coffee in Sur le dos de la Tortue, revue bilingue de littétrature amerindienne, 1991.
The Stone Trickster, in Northeast Indian Quarterly, Fall 1991.
The Heirs of Columbus, selected stories in
Fiction International, Fall 1991. Reprinted as Looking Glass, a collection of stories, edited by Clifford Trafzer.
An Introduction to Haiku, sixteen poems and and a critical introduction
in Neeuropa, Summer, Spring, 1991, 1992.
Four Skin, short story in Tamaqua, Winter 1991.
Almost Browne: The Twice Told Trickster, PEN Syndicated Fiction Project, 1990.
Newspaper and radio distribution, and publication in American Short Fiction, University of Texas Press.
Moccasin Games, short story, Caliban 9, Spring 1990.
Postmodern Discourse on Native American Literature, in
Halcyon, A Journal of the Humanities, Volume 12, 1990, Nevada Humanities Commission.
Native American Dissolve, in
Oshkaabewis Native Journal, Volume 1, Number 1, 1990, Bemidji State University, Minnesota.
Gerald Vizenor: The Trickster Heirs of Columbus, an interview by Laura Coltelli,
University of Pisa, in Native American Literature, Forum 2, 3, 1990, 199l, Pisa, Italy.
The Pink Flamingos, short story in Caliban 7, Winter 1989.
L'arbe á paroles: 14 poétes amérindiens contemporains,
choisis et traduits par Manuel Van Thienen, seven poems in translation, Identités Wallonie, automne 89, Bruxelles, Belgique.
Feral Lasers, short story in Caliban 6, Fall 1989.
Trickster Discourse, an essay on criticism in
Wicazo Sa Review, a Journal of Indian Studies, University of Washington, Cheney, Spring 1989.
Narrative Chance, an essay reprinted in
Before Columbus Review, a quarterly review of multicultural literature, Winter 1989.
Almost Browne, a short story in
Indian Youth of America, Sioux City, Iowa, Winter 1988.
The Moccasin Games, original radio script, translated into German, Sender Feiers Berlin, 1992. Broadcast on many radio stations in Germany.

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