Webster Definition for "conglomerate"

1. con. glom.er. ate \k*n-' gla:m-(*-)r*t\ aj [L conglomeratus, pp. of conglomerare to roll together, fr. com-] + glomerare to wind into a ball, fr. glomer-, glomus ball - more at CLAM 1: made up of parts from various sources or of various kinds 2: densely and often irregularly clustered {~ flowers ~ eyes }

2. con. glom.er. ate \-*-.ra-t\ vb : to collect or form into a mass or coherent whole

3. con. glom.er. ate \-(*-)r*t\ \-. gla:m-*-' rat-ik\ n : a composite mass or mixture; specif : rock composed of rounded f ragments varying from small pebbles to large boulders in a cement (as of hardened clay) - con. glom.er.at.ic aj

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