Webster Definition for "duck"

1. duck \'d*k\ n or ducks; or duck [ME doke, fr. OE du-ce] pl often attrib pl 1a: any of various swimming birds ( family Anatidae, the duck family) in whi ch the neck and legs are short, the body more or less depressed, the bill often broad and flat, and the sexes almost always different from each other in plumage 1b: the flesh of any of these birds used as food 2: a female duck chiefly Brit 3: DARLING slang 4: PERSON, CREATURE

2. duck vb [ME douken; akin to OHG tu -hhan to dive, OE du-ce duck] 1: to thrust under water 2: to lower (as the head) quickly : BOW 3: AVOID, EVADE {~ the issue} 1a: to plunge under the surface of water 1b: to descend suddenly : DIP 2a: to lower the head or body suddenly 2b: BOW, BOB 3a: to move quickly : DODGE 3b: to evade a duty, question, or responsibility - duck.er n

3. duck n : an instance of ducking

4. duck n [D doek cloth; akin to OHG tuoh cloth, and perh. to Skt dhvajaX flag 1: a durable closely woven usu. cotton fabric pl 2: light clothes made of duck

5. duck n [ DUKW, its code designation] : an amphibious truck

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