Webster Definition for "home"

1. home \'ho-m\ \-' gro-n\ \-. land\ \-l*s\ n [ME hom, fr. OE ha-m village, home; akin to Gk ko-me- often attrib X village, L civis citizen, Gk koiman to put to sleep - more at CEMETERY 1a: a family's place of residence : DOMICILE 1b: HOUSE 2: the social unit formed by a family living together 3a: a congenial environment 3b: HABITAT 4a: a place of origin 4b: HEADQUARTERS 5: the objective in various games - home. grown aj

2. home av 1: to or at home 2: to a final, closed, or standard position { drive a nail ~} 3: to a successful or rewarding end 4: to a vital core { the truth struck ~}

3. home vi 1a: to go or return home of an animal 1b: to return accurately to its home or natal area from a distance 1c: to proceed to or toward a source of radiated energy used as a guide ( missiles ~ in on radar} 2: to have a home : to send to or provide with a home

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