Table Mesa

Webster Definition for "mesa" \'ma--s*\ n [Sp, lit., table, fr. L mensa] : a usu. isolated hill having steeply sloping sides and a level top; al so : a broad terrace with an abrupt slope on one side : BENCH

Webster Definition for "table"

1. ta. ble \'ta--b*l\ n [ME, fr. OE tabule & OF table; both fr. L tabula board, table] often attrib t, list 1: TABLET pl 2a: BACKGAMMON 2b: one of the two leaves of a backgammon board or either half of a leaf 3a: a piece of furniture consisting of a smooth flat slab fixed on legs 3b1: a supply or source of food : BOARD 3b2: an act or instance of assembling to eat : MEAL 3c1: a group of people assembled at or as if at a table 3c2: a legislative or negotiating session 4: STRINGCOURSE 5a: a systematic arrangement of data usu. in rows or columns for ready refe rence 5b: a condensed enumeration : LIST 6a: the upper flat surface of a precious stone 6b1: TABLELAND 6b2: a horizontal stratum

2. table \-b(*-) lin\ vt or ta. bling 1: TABULATE Brit 2a: to place on the agenda 2b: to remove (a parliamentary motion) from consideration indefinitely 2c: to put on a table

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