As almost everyone knows, Orion is a constellation in the winter sky and depicts the hunter. The Orion Nebula lies in the sword of the hunter, extending southward from the belt. Farther south, below the Orion Nebula, lies the molecular cloud L1641. For the past decade I have spent most of my time studying star formation in this cloud, using every means at my disposal, using wavelengths from the x-ray through the radio. Star formation in the densest parts of this cloud, where small clusters of stars have formed, is the subject of Lori's Ph.D. thesis. She has been doing almost nothing for the last year (1993) but analyzing spectra of the stars within the Lynds 1641 molecular cloud.

Therefore it is not surprising that we felt pursued by Orion when, on driving north toward Flagstaff, we found Orion (in the south!) meeting us around every turn!

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