Webster Definition for "star"

1. star \' sta:r\ \-l*s\ \-.li-k\ n [ME sterre, fr. OE steorra; akin to OHG sterno star, L ste] lla, Gk aste- r, astron 1a: any natural luminous body visible in the sky esp. at night 1b: a self- luminous gaseous celestial body of great mass whose shape is usu . spheroidal and whose size may be as small as the earth or larger than the earth's orbit 2a1: a planet or a configuration of the planets that in astrology influence one's destiny or fortune - usu. used in pl. 2a2: a waxing or waning fortune or fame obs 2b: DESTINY 3a: a conventional figure with five or more points that represents a star; esp : ASTERISK 3b: an often star- shaped ornament or medal worn as a badge of honor, authority, or rank, or as the insignia of an order 4: something resembling a star 5a: the principal member of a theatrical or operatic company who usu. plays the chief roles 5b: a highly publicized theatrical or motion- picture performer 5c: an outstandingly talented performer - star. less aj

2. star vb or starred; or star. ring 1: to sprinkle or adorn with stars 2a: to mark with an asterisk 3: to present in the role of a star 1: to play the most prominent or important role 2: to perform outstandingly

3. star aj 1: of, relating to, or being a star 2: being of outstanding excellence : PREEMINENT

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