My .plan file

This winter
I have spent many hours driving
the road between Santa Fe and Albuquerque
early morning     late afternoon

It must be tiring, people say
about 100 miles a day
nothing much on that road

But I enjoy it
that road had a lot
of good poems and songs
discovered while driving
through softly curving hills
dotted with tufts of pinon and tumbleweeds.
I even left some thoughts musing,
lingering around a small white cross
beside the northbound lane
and I say:

			bless me hills
			this clear golden morning
			for I am passing through again.

I can easily sing
for this time is mine
and these ragged red cliffs
flowing hills and wind echoes

			are only extensions
			of a never-ending prayer.

                                               Luci Tapahonso
--- and THE MESSAGE -----------------------------------------------

From: (Rob Seaman)
Subject: Re:  K. Strom's run

    Karen is wandering New Mexico and can't be reached by any
    means short of the National Guard.  You might ask Steve.

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