From the Guide Book to Highway 66

Laguna (Pop. 2,451; alt. 5,851´; gas; grocery; no cabins or other accommodations.)

This is the site of LAGUNA PUEBLO, the only major pueblo still visible from Highway 66. Its white structures and church can be seen. Laguna is the only pueblo built since the Spanish invasion, its construction having begun around 1800. The houses in the pueblos of this vicinity are made of flat stones, well plastered with adobe mud. The mission church is a massive stone structure with few windows or other openings. the store at the crossroads is quite a supply center for the Indians. Fiesta around Sept. 19.

From The Guide Book to Highway 66 by Jack D. Rittenhouse © 1946 Jack D. Rittenhouse; additional material © 1989 University of New Mexico Press.
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