The Lovena Ohl Gallery

4251 North Marshall Way
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
602-945-8212 and 602-945-8223 FAX

I was drawn to this gallery by the very well designed advertisements placed in magazines specializing in Native American culture and was not disappointed by the quality of the work sold here. You will find many unusual pieces rarely seen elsewhere at this gallery.

For many years Ms. Ohl has helped young Native American artists to achieve the potential that she saw in their work. She recently received The Governor's Award from the Arizona Commission of the Arts for her long term dedication to see that the Native American arts and artists receive the recognition that they deserve.

The pictures below show two of the works I have purchased from this gallery and an advertising picture for the pottery of another artist whose work I collect.

Joe Ben, Jr.


Mike & Jackie Torivio

Adrian Roy Keene

Adrian Roy Keene's pots

Karen M. Strom

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