December 26th, 1974 6:45AM


Nia Francisco

Canyon de Chelly         my love
the massiveness of you stretched
                            across our bed
Slowly            smoke rises
    snow slowly falling
and the smell of meat cooking
makes you     a hungry entity for love
the musky odor smells like deer meat
Canyon de Chelly     come on
don't flirt with black birds
or become a memorial for tourist
        You have a life giving river in your hands
           because you are unchanging
           to temporary moments
Because you are unchanging
I love you honey canyon
the leaves change color but you remain
and you know too many other women
    to be actually lonely lonely
your beer smelling breath
            makes you sexy Canyon de Chelly
and you say BEER is your business
                  I still want all of you

From Blue Horses for Navajo Women by Nia Francisco, Greenfield Review Press.
© 1988 Nia Francisco
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