"Snake Juice" Talk


Nia Francisco

After guzzlin' "snake juice"
    Lady Coyote
        started talking loud
rapping the roma wine
            with the back of her paw
Her political ambition, she says
"Next Navajo tribal election
I am goin' to run....."
That's what she said
throwin' the Roma bottle
into a nearby bush
"When I become the Elected"
she said
with her paw clenched tight
            like a AIM fist
"Navajo women from
        Low Mountain and Chinle Valley
            will rally and rally
for my campaign
just about every day
        at the new courthouse,"
that's what she said
"The Hopis took our land!
We will take back our Navajo men!
            and also take their Hopi men!"
that's what she said
to her cousin
It's only "snake juice" talk
            and eatin' too much
            "Big Mac" sandwiches for so long!!

From Blue Horses for Navajo Women by Nia Francisco, Greenfield Review Press
© 1988 Nia Francisco

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