Scott Momaday on Mission Churches

By car, unless you happened to come on the old road from San Ysidro, which was by and large a horse-and-wagon path, you entered the pueblo on the east side, on a street (that word is not entirely appropriate -- "street," as Americans in cities and suburbs think of that word, does not truly indicate any of the ancient ways of that place, but it will have to do) which curved around the front of the Pueblo Church. The church was a large adobe building with three old Spanish bells in the facade and a burial ground in the yard. The Roman Catholic churches of the pueblos are so old, many of them, that they seem scarcely to impose an alien aspect upon the native culture; rather, they seem themselves almost to have been appropriated by that culture and to express it in its own terms. The church at Jemez has not the rich rude beauty of the ruins at Acoma, or even of the church at Zia, say; nonetheless there is considerable strength and dignity in it. The extant parish records go back to 1720.

From The Names by N. Scott Momaday, Harper Colophon Books
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A number of photographs of Mission churches built on Indian lands is available from the Special Collections and Archives Department, Cline Library, Northern Arizona University.
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