Sacred Mountains


George Blueeyes

Now our Sacred Mountains are being abused.
People dig in them and drill in them.
They strip away the ornaments and jewels.
We say
Nahasdzáán Shimá:
Earth, My Mother.
So it is in fact our Mother who is hurt.
Our Father Sky is jealous
Because the diggers and drillers rape her with cold steel.
As a man gives his wife beautiful things to wear,
So our Father Sky does the same.
He sends down rain on Mother Earth,
And because of the rain, plants grow.
Flowers appear of many colors.
She in turn gives him food.
But because our Father Sky is jealous,
The rain falls short.
Sickness surrounds us.

From Between Sacred Mountains: Navajo Stories and Lessons from the Land assembled by the Rock Point Community School, © 1982, Rock Point Community School.

This poem is also available in the Navajo language.

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