Raven's Nest


Donald Levering

a bundle of piñon sticks
stuffed with scraps
of tin, tatters of
cloth, aluminum tops,
silver concha belt
bunched into a nook
at the mesa's rim

downwind in the bloody dusk
the reek of carrion

this nest a desert broom
sweeping the sage clean
of refuse, what coyote
left of the lamb
the litter of humans

like huge Jurassic wasps
the ravens come and go
in blue-black streaks
from their rookery
child-stealing witches
in the eyes of Navajos

a raven swings out from the cliff
not croaking, just the slow
pulse of wingbeats


From OUTCROPPINGS from Navajoland by Donald Levering, Navajo Community College Press.
© 1984 Donald Levering
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