Male Rain, Female Rain, & Awakening


Agnes Tso

male rain
He comes
    riding on the wind
        kicking up dust
            bending the trees
                blowing flakes of rain
He flees past my window
    to a distant rumble

In-laws beware of him
who mocks the braves
as his features are majestic illusions
his knife the cutting cold
and his soul a drifter

                                female rain
                                she pregnant with rain
                                        and gently
                                in the night

                                At dawn she gives birth
                                    to little droplets of rain
                                        and for days on end

                                                                male rain has come and gone
                                                                female rain is fading in the distance
                                                                father sun is here
                                                                and mother earth is awakening

From The South Corner of Time edited by Larry Evers, University of Arizona Press.
© 1981 Agnes Tso
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