Momaday in New Mexico

Oh, it is summer in New Mexico, in the bright legend of my youth. I want you to see the very many deep colors of the distance. I want you to live, to be for an hour or a day more completely alive in me than you have ever been. There are moments in that time when I live so intensely in myself that I wonder how it is possible to keep from flying apart. I want you to feel that, too, the vibrant ecstasy of so much being - to know beyond any doubt that it is only the merest happy accident that you can hold together at all in the exhilaration of such wonder. The wonder. I want to tell you of it; I want to speak and to write it all out for you.

From The Names, N. Scott Momaday, University of Arizona Press. (Momaday Collection) (Hardcover) Univ of Arizona Press.
© 1976 N. Scott Momaday
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