Lillian Lewallen

Dedicated to Karen Marie
I used to dream about the day
I'd have a baby girl,
With eyes of blue and golden hair
That I could softly curl:
Who'd love to wear a frilly frock
With ruffles, bows and lace,
And wouldn't want a speck of dirt
To mar her lovely face . . . .
God sent my girl with golden curls
And eyes of azure blue.
Her dresses of crisp organdy;
Her lace-trimmed bonnets, too,
Were spotless, sheer and feminine -
That is, till she was three,
For then she doffed, from head to toe,
Her Femininty!
Her interests changed to Bugs and worms,
To jeans and baseball bats,
To hammers, nails and pails of mud,
and guns and cowboy hats!
I had a girl for three short years,
And often wonder when
My "Tomboy" will decide to be
A dainty girl again!
Editor's (daughter's) note: Sorry, Lil. It never happened.
© 1996 Lillian Lewallen

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