Trip Map -- Thanksgiving in the Yucatan---1994

Trip Map

The red line on this map of the Yucatan shows the path of our trip to Chichén Itzá and Uxmal. The archaeological sites are labeled in blue; the cities in red. The cross-hatched areas show the main regions where 3 different architectural styles are found. The diagonal hatching from upper right to lower left is the Puuc region which flourished at the end of the Classic Period. The small adjacent region cross-hatched in the opposite direction shows the region where Chenes style architecture is prevalent. The zig-zap hatched region show the area where the Rio Bec style architecture is found. The line drawn across the peninsula, from one bay on the Golfo de Campeche to a bay in Belize on the Mar Caribe, separates the Northern cultural region from the Central region.

The map was made using the Xerox PARC map server.

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