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Sam English

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If left to his own devices, Sam English would give away all his material things to help Indian people. Sam is just that way. He is a man of immense compassion and sensitivity for those in need. A distinguished contemporary Indian artist, Sam is truly an individual who cares for people, especially "his" Indian people.

The first time that we met Sam was in early 1988, when we sat down and discussed the design of a poster that he later created and donated to the conference entitled "Promoting Child Protection in Indian Country," held in Green Bay, Wisconsin June 28-30, 1988. The painting for the poster was an inspiring image, depicting an Indian family surrounded by a stylized eagle drawn in a circle with delicate fine-line portraits of tribal elders. Sam characterized the circle, the eagle, and elders as symbols for love, courage, and wisdom. The rootlike tendrils emanating from the feet of the figures, he says, symbolize "that we are of the earth, at one with Mother Earth."

Of the five Indian Nation Conferences sponsored by the Office for Victims of Crime, Sam has created the poster images of three. Each image that he has created and given has been very inspiring. Sam has donated his artistic talents to scores of Indian service organizations for their conferences on domestic violence, alcohol abuse, drug abuse and wellness. The list continues to grow. He also takes time to talk to groups concerning positive self-esteem and escaping the clutches of alcoholism.

The artistry of Sam English is bright, bold, and captivating. He is an Indian who paints Indians in his own colorful, different way. Sam uses the stars, the night sky, the wind, the bright sun and the ever present Indian people - glowing in culture and community.

Sam believes that art is the foundation of language. He says, "you can use an art experience to launch a thought." He has used his images to inspire spirituality, family and community.

Sam is an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Indians from North Dakota. He makes his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has his studio/gallery in Old Town Albuquerque. Sam is a happy family man satisfied with the success of his art work and always willing to help those less fortunate. He is certainly a meaningful role model for young and old Indian people.

A sampling of the art of Sam English is available on this page (at both low spatial and color resolution, relative to the originals). Another image used as a cover for Winds of Change may also be seen. Inquiries about Sam's art should be directed to:

Sam English Studio/Gallery
2031 Mountain Road NW, Building C, Suite 2
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104
505 - 843 - 9932
505 - 836 - 7839 (FAX)

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