Valley of Fire State Park: Nearby Points of Interest

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Lost City Museum in Overton offers fine displays of Indian artifacts and reconstructions of the original pit dwellings and pueblos found in the Moapa Valley.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area borders the park and encompasses Lakes Mead and Mojave. Many areas available for camping, picnicing, swimming, fishing, and boating.

Hoover Dam: This engineering wonder that spans Black Canyon, drawing hydroelectric power from the force of the Colorado River. Tours are available daily.

Services and Distances

Overton yes yes yes yes 24 km/15 mi
Overton Beach yes yes yes yes 16 km/10 mi
Echo Bay yes yes yes yes yes 35 km/ 22 mi
Callville Bay yes yes 67 km/42 mi
Glendale yes yes yes yes yes 45 km/28 mi
Hoover Dam yes 121 km/70 mi
Las Vegas to Valley fo Fire Via I-15 88 km/55 mi
L.V. to Valley of Fire via Northshore Road. 97 km/60 mi
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Valley of Fire State Park

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