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kateri akiwenzie-damm is an Anishnaabe writer of mixedblood from the Chippewas of Nawash First Nation. She has lived and worked at Neyaashiinigmiing, Cape Croker Reserve on the Saugeen Peninsula in southwestern Ontario since 1994. "I know I belong here and regardless of where else I might live, this will always be my home. This is where I live and write and remember who I am," she says.

When kateri is not writing she keeps busy with her consulting company DammWrite! Consulting and Communications, working with First Nations groups and projects. She is also the Managing Editor of Kegedonce Press, a small publishing company she set up in 1993 to publish and promote the work of Indigenous writers, artists and others in the publishing field. In 1999 Kegedonce released looking into the eyes of my forgotten dreams by Joseph A. Dandurand In 1999 she established NiSHin Productions, an Indigenous performing arts production company. In 2000, kateri, through NiSHin Productions tour coordinated and tour managed national tours of Aotearoa for two Native theatre companies from Canada. Later in the year NiSHin Productions co-produced the Canadian tour of Purapurawhetu, a play by acclaimed Maori writer Briar Grace-Smith , with Taki Rua Productions of Wellington, New Zealand. In 1996 kateri taught creative writing courses to university students at the En'owkin International School of Writing in Penticton, British Columbia. She is currently working on a spoken word CD and a collection of poetry. kateri is also working on publishing arrangements for an international collection of erotica by Indigenous writers and artists. She recently completed work as the editor of a collection of fiction by Indigenous writers from Canada, the United States, Australia and Aotearoa. This book has been co-published by Kegedonce Press and Jukurrpa Books, an imprint of IAD Press an Aboriginal publisher based in Alice Springs, Australia. kateri's other interests include tracking with the Ndakinna Wilderness Project, learning the Anishnaabe language, studying dreams, and traditional gathering and harvesting.

kateri's writing has been published in various anthologies, journals, and magazines in Canada, the U.S., Aotearoa, Australia, and Germany. She has given readings at events and venues across Canada, the U.S., Australia, and Aotearoa and on national radio in Canada and Aotearoa. Readings have been broadcast nationally in Canada on WTN. Spoken word pieces of her poetry have been recorded and distributed on various audio-cassette compilations. Solo and collaborative pieces of her work have been shown in exhibits at art galleries in British Columbia. Among the journals in which her work has been published are trout, a south pacific journal of the arts (see below), The New Quarterly, Winter 2000, University of Waterloo, and Rampike Literary & Arts Magazine, (V. 8, No. 2, V. 10 No. 1 and the 20th Anniversary Edition, 1999).

At this time kateri is working on a spoken word CD with a group of Indigenous collaborators including Te Kupu , Koru, Joy Harjo, Marcos Arcentales, John Thorp, Lucho Abanto, Rhys B., and Raven Polson-Lahache. She is also working on a collection of poetry, a collection of short stories, and publishing arrangements for a collection of erotica by Indigenous writers and artists.

kateri states, "I am passionate about my work and about Indigenousliterature internationally, particularly First Nations literatures, both written and spoken, Maori literature, and erotica."

kateri was responsible for coordinating the conference, To See Proudly: Advancing Indigenous Arts Beyond the Millennium. The conference was available via live video and audio stream. If it is replayed, information will be available here. A conference report and a cd-rom of highlights will be sent out.

Kegedonce Press currently has a call for manuscripts by previously published Canadian Native authors.

A short profile of kateri is available on the Get Connected Freelance Community website from CBC Radio.

A short biography from the Internet Public Library's Native American Author's Project is available.


kateri's press, Kegedonce Press, was named Publisher of the Year (outside US) for 2001 by the Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers.

In 1996, kateri was the recipient of a Literary Arts Development Writers Grant from the Canada Council. In 1998 she received an Ontario Arts Council, Writers' Reserve Grant for a poetry manuscript she is working on.

In 1992, she held a Graduate Studies Research Scholarship at the University of Ottawa.

She held the Lucille Herbert Memorial Scholarship and was a member of the Dean's Honour Roll at York University.

In addition kateri has been a Board Member of the Native Council of Canada, a Founding Member/Interim Vice President, Aboriginal Youth Council of Canada, a member of the Joint National Committee on Aboriginal AIDS Education and Awareness and of the Native Advisory Council of the Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers Workshop. She has also been a Trustee of the Chippewas of Nawash First Nation Board of Education, an Interim Board Member of the National Aboriginal Youth Business Council, a Planning Committee Member of the Aboriginal Publishers Conference, and an Interim Executive Committee Member of the Circle of Aboriginal Publishers.

kateri's new spoken word CD, standing ground now available.

Writing available online

Strange Blood
the resurrection of desire
partridge song
Picking Stones
kateri reading from my heart is a stray bullet [mp3]
Native Sexuality 101, a RealAudio broadcast of a Canadian Broadcast Company Out Front program
with kateri and Raven Polson-Lahache, almost 15 minutes!
and from trout, a south pacific journal of the arts
one day
fishing lines
Waabigonii Giizis
rainstorm in volcano: eight poems for rain
daughter of Pele
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and from Dean Hapeta's site:
Standing Ground
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Ngatahi - know the links, video including Kateri

Books by kateri akiwenzie-damm or Containing Her Work       icon

Without Reservation: Indigenous Erotica, as contributor and editor, Kegedonce Press. [Buy from Amazon.ca]
My heart is a stray bullet, Kegedonce Press. [Buy from Amazon.ca]
bloodriver woman, Absinthe, Calgary. [Now Available! email: ]

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Essays and Interviews

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Audio Recordings

standing ground, nishin productions, 2004.
My Heart is a Stray Bullet & Endless Circles on The 7th Fire: Well, What Does it Take,
Technabe Sound, 1991
kateri reading from my heart is a stray bullet from this tape (an excerpt 1.1 Mbyte)
Your Silence Will Not Protect You,
Maya Music, 1989
Free Yourself, Free Us All,
Maya Music, 1988

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