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Luci Tapahonso, Navajo, is originally from Shiprock, NM, where she grew up in a family of 11 children. Navajo was her first language but she learned English at home before starting school at the Navajo Methodist Mission in Farmington, NM. She majored in English at the University of New Mexico, as an undergraduate and graduate student. She stayed on there as an Assistant Professor of English, Women's Studies and American Indian Studies for a few years. She has been an Associate Professor of English at the University of Kansas and is now Professor of English at the University of Arizona in Tucson where she teaches Poetry Writing and American Indian Literature.

Luci serves on the editorial board of wicazo sa review and was on the edtorial boards of Frontiers from 1991-1996 and of Blue Mesa Review from 1988-1992. She has been a juror for the Poetry Society of America, the Associated Writing Program Awards, and the Stan Steiner Writing Awards. She serves on the Advisory Boards of the Telluride Institute Writers Forum and has been a member of the New Mexico Arts Commission Literature Panel and the Kansas Arts Commission.

Luci writes for popular magazines as well as for academic and poetry journals, writing often for New Mexico Magazine. Among the journals where her work has been published are Diné Be Iina, Frontiers, Caliban, Sinister Wisdom, and the Beloit Poetry Journal.

She is also sought after as a speaker and has appeared on many NPR, PBS, CBS, ABC and local programs. Her work has been included in theatre productions and been read by William Shatner at the World of Poetry Convention in Las Vegas. It is also available on recordings [see below].

Luci serves her community at all levels, from her local community and university department to the national level. She has served on numerous English Department committees and reads her poetry in classes. She serves on University-wide committees, boards and task forces; she gives poetry readings in the local community and speaks to local groups. She has served on the board of Habitat for Humanity and the United Way Allocations Panel (both local). On the state level, Luci has served on the state Art Commissions, delivered Commencement Addresses at high schools on the Navajo Reservation and in Santa Fe and judged the Miss Navajo Nation and Miss Indian New Mexico Pageants. On the national level, Luci serves on the Board of Trustees for the National Museum of the American Indian, a branch of the Smithsonian Institution, and has served on the Board of Directors of the American Indian Law Resource Center, as a Review Consultant for the Cultural Diversity Development Division of American College Testing and reviews manuscripts for the University of Oklahoma Press, the University of Arizona Press, the University of Nebraska Press, and Cornell University Press. She is also a consultant to American Playhouse for the movie The Lady Chieftans. She was on the Planning Committee for the Returning the Gift Writers Festival from 1989-1992, worked in collaboration with David Noble, Rich Rollins and Krista Elrick on the Phoenix Art Commission Project Hohokamki: The Pueblo Grande Project from 1990-1992 and was a Newberry Library Fellow at the NEH Seminar Teaching and Writing Local History held at Navajo Community College (now Diné College) in Tsaile, AZ in 1995..

Luci began to write poetry at the age of 8 or 9. She is now the author of five books of poetry and stories and one children's book. Luci is the mother of five children.

A short biography from the Internet Public Library's Native American Author's Project.

Writing available online

The Canyon was Serene from Weber Studies
Just Past Shiprock from Saánii Dahataal
Preface to Blue Horses Rush In
Better to Avoid Her
A Discreet Conversation
Her Daughter's Eyes
Hard to Take
Hills Brothers Coffee
A RealAudio file of an interview with Luci, and the reading of Hills Brothers Coffee and other poems and songs.
In 1864
It Has Always Been This Way
Light a Candle
Outside a Small House
Pay Up Or Else
Sháá Áko Dahjiníleh
Remember the Things They Told Us
A Rough Life
She Sits on the Bridge
These Long Drives
They are Silent and Quick
They Are Together Now
What Danger We Court
A Whispered Chant of Loneliness
Who Were You?
Excerpt from Saánii Dahataal on the University of Arizona Press website.
Excerpt from Blue Horses Rush In on the University of Arizona Press website.


In 1999, Luci was names Storyteller of the Year for her readings and performances by the Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers.

Luci has received a 1998 Regional Book Award from the Mountains & Plains Booksellers Association, , a Southwestern Association for Indian Affairs Literature Fellowship, an Excellent Instructor Award at the University of New Mexico, a New Mexico Eminent Scholar Award from the New Mexico Commission of Higher Education, the Hall Center Creative Fellowship Award, a Southwest Book Award for Saánii Dahataal from the Border Regional Library Association, an Honorable Mention in the American Book Awards in 1983 for Seasonal Woman, and the 1995 Frost Place Poet-In-Residence.

She has also been named a Woman of Distinction by the American Girl Scout Council in 1996, Influential Professor by the Lady Jayhawks Faculty Recognition panel in 1994, an Outstanding Native American Woman by the City of Sacramento in 1993, the Grand Marshal of the Northern Navajo Nation Fair Parade in Shiprock in 1992, and one of the Top Women of the Navajo Nation by Maazo Magazine.

Books by Luci Tapahonso or containing her work       icon

Songs of Shiprock Fair, illustrated by Anthony Emerson, [Children's book]
Kiva Press.
Hayoolkaal: An Anthology of Navajo Writers, University of Arizona Press.
[Forthcoming 2000]
Blue Horses Rush in : Poems and Stories (Sun Tracks Books, No 34)
University of Arizona Press. (Hardcover)
Navajo ABC : A Diné Alphabet Book with Eleanor Schick (Illustrator),
Simon & Schuster
A Baby Brother is Born, NOFAS, Bureau of Indian Affairs/Office of Indian Education Programs,
Illustrated by Sam English.
This is How They Were Placed For Us, Feuillet. Kansas City: Helicon Nine, 1994.
Saánii Dahataal : The Women Are Singing : Poems and Stories
(Sun Tracks Books, No 23) University of Arizona Press.
Review by Gary Short in Weber Studies
A Breeze Swept Through West End Press.
Seasonal Woman, Bookpeople.
One More Shiprock Night, Tejas Art Press.


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Published Interviews with Luci and Articles on Her Work    

Contemporary American Indian Literatures & the Oral Tradition,
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Here First
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Work published in Translation

Les Cahiers- de poesie recontre, 25 special, La poesie Amerindienne
May 1989, Manuel Van Theinen (Editor), France.
Figlie Di Pocahontas: Racconti e poesie Delle Indiane d'America
Laura Coltelli, Dr. Cinzia Biagotti (Editors), Giunti Gruppo Editoriale, Publisher, Firenze, Italy.
Jagers van de Dageraad, Jelle Kaspersma (Editor), Netherlands: In de Knipscheer.

Media Presentations

EARTHWORDS, Nine Poems for Here, Now and Always: A Permanent Exhibit,
Museum of American Indian Arts and Culture, Santa Fe, NM. Opened August 14, 1997.
In Their Own Voices: A Century of Recorded Poetry, ed. Rebecca Presson, Vol. 4,
CD Album, Rhino Records, 1996. Audio Cassette
Art of the Wild, 57 minute video, Bayland Productions, 1996, PBS.
Woven By the Grandmothers, the WETA documentary for TV.
LINEbreak: Interviews and Performance from the Literary Edge with Charles Bernstein,
Martin Spinelli, Producer. Buffalo Poetics Program, 1996.
The Desert is No Lady, a 51 minute film directed by Janice Monk, Shelley Williams, Producer.
1995-1996, A Feline Films production for the Arts Council of England.
Writing the Southwest, Interview with David K. Dunaway, KOB, Albuquerque, 1990.
Visions and Voices From the Border, Teatro Fronterizo, Historic Carmen Theatre, Tucson, AZ, Fall 1989.

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