Floor of Canyon de Chelly

Floor of Canyon de Chelly

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Stories are our wealth. Winter nights we tell them over and over. Once a star fell from the sky, but it wasn't just any star, just as this isn't just any ordinary place. That cedar tree marks the event and the land remembers the flash of its death flight. To describe anything in winter whether it occurs in the past or the future requires a denser language, one thick with the promise of new lambs, heavy with the weight of corn milk.
From Secrets from the Center of the World by Joy Harjo (words) and Stephen Strom (images), University of Arizona Press.
© 1989 Joy Harjo & Stephen Strom

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Secrets From The Center Of The World, Joy Harjo; photographs, Stephen E. Strom
(Sun Tracks Books, No. 17), University of Arizona Press.

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