Index of Artists Whose Work is Shown on This Website

Elizabeth Abeyta, Navajo
Joe Ben, Jr., Navajo
Mike Chiago, Tohono O'odham
Carolyn Concho, Acoma Pueblo     [VRML exhibit available]
Glendora Daubs, Jemez Pueblo     [VRML exhibit available]
Sam English, Turtle Mountain Chippewa
Barbara Gonzales, San Ildefonso Pueblo
Adrian Roy Keene, Acoma Pueblo
Diane Lewis, Acoma Pueblo     [VRML exhibit available]
Sharon Lewis, Acoma Pueblo     [VRML exhibit available]
Rebecca Lucario, Acoma Pueblo     [VRML exhibit available]
Lee Marmon, Laguna Pueblo
Nora Naranjo-Morse, Santa Clara Pueblo
Chris Natachu, Zuni Pueblo
Charmae Shields Natseway, Acoma Pueblo     [VRML exhibit available]
Thomas Natseway     [VRML exhibit available]
D. Andrew Rodriguez, Laguna Pueblo
Patrick Sanchez, Zuni Pueblo
Alex Seowtewa, Zuni Pueblo
Roxanne Swentzel, Santa Clara Pueblo
Mike & Jackie Torovio, Acoma Pueblo

To view the VRML exhibits, you must have a VRML 2.0 compliant plugin or helper application installed in your browser.

Silicon Graphics has now apparently cut the CosmoPlayer loose. Therefore other VRML applications must be sought. A good place to look for a plugin for your browser is at the San Diego Supercomputer VRML Repository. They have links to websites for a large number of VRML plugins and applications that are under development. For the Macintosh, the best one currently appears to be Worldview, almost, but not quite, up to the standards of the now defunct Cosmoplayer.

If you have not downloaded and installed a VRML viewer, you must have the installation completed before you can view the VRML models.

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