Index of Poems Used in This Document

"In the poetry of the modern American Indian we find a raging beyond nobility that calls for recognition of the humanity and nationality of Indian existence"

Vine Deloria Jr. in
Michael McKale, "From Reservation to Global Society:
American Culture, Liberation and the Native American:
An Interview with Vine Deloria, Jr.,"
in Radical Religion 2 (4, 1976):50.

Sherman Alexie
At Navajo Monument Valley Tribal School
Paula Gunn Allen
Taking a Visitor to See the Ruins
Elaine Anton
Sun also available in O'odham.
Esther G. Belin
Spirit in Me
George Blueeyes
Sacred Mountains also available in Navajo
George Bradley
The Year of the Comet
Monument Valley
The Sound of the Sun
Christopher Buckley
Ansel Adams' Photo, "Georgia O'Keefe and Orville Cox,
Canyon de Chelly National Monument 1937"
Palo Duro Canyon
Philippe Halsman's Photo of Georgia O'Keefe
at Abiquiu, New Mexico, 1948
Ranchos Church No. 1
Red Hills and Bones
Road Past the View
Sky above Clouds
Jeanette Chico
The Desert also available in O'odham.
Jane Candia Coleman
A Found Poem
Leaving the Valley
Moonrise, Hernandez
Nine Smooth Hills
Anita Endrezze
Della Frank
T'aa Dine Nishli
Nia Francisco
Ode to a Drunk Woman
Navajo Inn
Onion and Fried Potatoes
"Snake Juice" Talk
December 26th, 1974 6:45AM
Joy Harjo
Eagle Poem
She Had Some Horses
Santa Fe
September Moon
and from Secrets From The Center of the World
I discover where giant butterflies burrow and dream.
Don't bother the earth spirit who lives here.
And in the season of new grass my birth is more visible
In winter it is easier to see what my death might look like
I don't imagine the turquoise bracelet the dusky wash makes
Two sisters meet on horseback.
Scarlet bluffs gather here to drink
These smoky bluffs are old traveling companions
Stories are our wealth.
If winter describes the frozen angles of this sandy wash
These tamaracks pretend to be tamaracks
It's true the landscape forms the mind.
I can hear the sizzle of newborn stars
In a misty dawn at the center of the world
A. A. Hedge Coke
Roberta Joe
Storm Pattern
Sunset Woman's Ivy League Escape
Malinda Leon
Saguaro also available in O'odham.
Donald Levering
Canyon de Chelly - White House Trail
Lava Beds (The Malpais)
Raven's Nest
Uranium Tailings
Daniel Lopez
Lady Sitting Mountain also available in O'odham.
Lonely Mountain also available in O'odham.
N. Scott Momaday
The Delight Song of Tsoai-talee
Forms of the Earth at Abiquiu
Momaday in New Mexico
From The Names
The Remembered Earth
Pat Mora
Legal Alien
Mi Madre
Silence Like Cool Sand
Nora Naranjo-Morse
Childlike Enthusiasm
Gia's Song
The Living Exhibit Under the Museum's Portal
The Money Beasts
Mud Woman's First Encounter with the World of Money and Business
There Is Nothing Like An Idea
Tradition and Change
When Mud Woman Begins
Navajo Traditional
House Made of Dawn
Cecelia Nuñez
August also available in O'odham.
Sky also available in O'odham.
Henrietta Pablo
Untitled also available in O'odham.
Wind also available in O'odham.
Simon Ortiz
Canyon de Chelly
A Designated National Park
Final Solution: Jobs, Leaving
The First Hard Core
For Nanao
Grants to Gallup, New Mexico
Horizons and Rains
Indians Sure Came in Handy
It Was That Indian
Long House Valley Poem
Many Farms Notes
My Mother and my Sisters
Out to Tsaile Lake
Starting at the Bottom
A Story of How a Wall Stands
The State's claim that it seeks in no way to deprive
Time to Kill in Gallup
To Change in a Good Way
What I Mean
O'odham Traditional
From the O'odham Ceremony for Bringing Rain also available in O'odham.
Helen J. Ramon
Desert also available in O'odham
Wendy Rose
Elizabeth Salcido
When It Rains also available in O'odham.
Carol Lee Sanchez
for the cloud people
Angelina Saraficio
Mountains also available in O'odham.
Roadrunner also available in O'odham.
Saguaro Cactus also available in O'odham.
Richard Shelton
Desert Water
Local Knowledge
The New Road
Requiem for Sonora
San Juan's Day
Sonora For Sale
The Stones
Territorial Rights
Whatever Became of Me
Luci Tapahonso
Better to Avoid Her
A Discreet Conversation
Her Daughter's Eyes
Hard to Take
Hills Brothers Coffee
In 1864
It Has Always Been This Way
Light a Candle
Outside a Small House
Pay Up Or Else
Sháá Áko Dahjiníleh Remember the Things They Told Us
A Rough Life
She Sits on the Bridge
These Long Drives
They are Silent and Quick
They Are Together Now
What Danger We Court
A Whispered Chant of Loneliness
Who Were You?
Brent Toadlena
Agnes Tso
Male Rain, Female Rain, & Awakening
Carlson Vicenti
Oh, Saint Michael
Gertrude Walters
Yei Tsoh (Crane)
Ofelia Zepeda
Rain also available in O'odham.
We Are O'odham also available in O'odham.

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